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Let us assist you in buying a new home or selling a property you currently own. Even if you have little to no equity in your house, we can help.  We offer a variety of services for real estate buyers, sellers and investors.  In short, we'll buy or lease your home in (7) Seven days or less, any condition, or any situation.
What is a Lease Option?
It’s short for “lease with the option to purchase” and is a way for home buyers to begin the process of buying a home without all the complications and costs normally associated with purchasing a house. The potential buyer enters into a contract, and then at the end of the lease period has the option to purchase the house.
What are the advantages for new Home Buyers?
The renter/leaser/tenant-buyer has many positives to consider when moving into a new property with a lease purchase agreement. A tenant buyer is offered rent credit and can build a substantial sum of money for the purchase of the house. To enter the home there is option consideration which also goes to the down payment on the house. Typically, option consideration money of between 2% and 5% of the purchase price is credited toward the purchase. The lease purchase is a way to get the homeowner’s out of the homes they want to get out of and put people in that want to get into a property. The tenant buyers either don’t qualify for a home loan, don’t have the credit score or don’t have the down payment to afford to get into a home. If they can get a home loan, banks don't want to lend on mortgages in the sub 4.5% range. Tenant buyers can build their credit scores and build equity in the home they will one day purchase.

Rent-to-own is a great way to buy your next home in the Stockton area. It's the "Try before you buy" plan. Call us when your looking at some home to negotiate on your behalf to get you into the home you find for sale. We'll work to negotiate your next lease purchase of your new home.

The lease purchase is a win-win for all parties, plain and simple!
What is Rent-to-own?
Rent-to-own, Lease purchase, Lease to own, Lease with option to buy, and Lease options are all agreements when entered into mean the same thing, only differing by name. The agreement is negotiated with a Seller to lease or rent his or her home for a period of time then at the end of the period the investor or Tenant-buyer agrees to purchase the home at the previously agreed upon price.
What are the advantages for Sellers?
For the Seller of a home in these uncertain times offering their house in a lease purchase will get their property off the market, which homes are averaging between 6-8 months on the market if they list with a Realtor to get their house sold. Paperwork to move a tenant buyer in can have the tenants moving into the home in less than a week. Typically when the house doesn't get sold right away, owners are forced to lower the price to sell the house. With a lease purchase, the price of the house can be negotiated to more agreeable terms the owner is comfortable with at a later date. All troubles (cost) of owning two homes or needing to get out of the home is alleviated. Rents are typically paid on time the first of every month, the property is typically well cared for by the tenant buyer who has “skin in the game”. Any worries of a plumber or other trades people needing to get called are also taken care of because the tenant buyer agrees to take care of all repairs less than $150.
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